Income Generation Farming Project


Campaign Summary

Yemen is going through the largest humanitarian crisis in human history. We partnered with the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation (YRRF) to give farm animals like chickens and goats to poor and vulnerable families in Yemen. By donating farm animals, we want to help these families have a consistent, sustainable source of food and income. Families can consume eggs and milk, sell what products they have left over, and even breed their animals to grow their farms in the long term.

Campaign Progress

In October 2020, we donated 500 chickens to 100 families (primarily woman-led households) in a village called Kaedenah in Hajjah Governorate, Yemen. Each family received 4 egg-laying hens and 1 rooster, which allows families to breed chickens. The total cost for the project was $2,360USD. These chickens can eat left over food or grains in the area, and don’t need special feed.

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Fun Facts

  • 80 goats: $8,000
  • 40 bags of feed: $400
  • Veterinary Services: $300
  • Purchase and distribute chickens (550): $4000
  • Chicken feed: $100
  • Purchase and distribute chickens (550): $4000
  • Chicken feed: $100
  • Administration, logistics, transportation and distribution cost: $600

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