Our Partnerships are Everything

Since Project Break The Cycle acts as a fundraising nonprofit organization, we need partner nonprofits to fulfill our campaign goals. Through our rigorous vetting process, we ensure our partners are reputable and transparent before moving forward. Every two quarters, after campaigns are completed, we partner with other nonprofits that align with our mission and repeat the same process. With your support, our fundraising, and our partners’ efforts, we are making progress in ending the cycle of poverty in the Middle East.


Our Nonprofit Partners



How do you select honest nonprofit partners?

When selecting partners, we assess the organization’s mission statement, current fundable campaigns, and success of previous campaigns. In addition, we look at official documentation that details their expenditures, budget allocations, contribution and donor history, and tax records.

How can my nonprofit partner with PBTC?

If you are interested in a potential partnership, please email with an informal inquiry. Our team will take it from there.


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