01 jun, 2020

Summary of Events: Jun 1, 2017 - Jun 1, 2020

  • PBTC

Over the past three years, Project Break The Cycle stopped external fundraising and focused on internal corporate matching fundraising as well as restructuring our primary fundraising mechanism. We wanted to address ways of establishing organizational sustainability and ease-of-use for our nonprofit partners.

From the launch of the Orphan Children Scholarship Fund campaign in partnership with the Home of Tripoli for Social Welfare until now, we have raised a combined $16,650 in profits and donations! We are ecstatic to have such an amazing group of supporters sharing our vision of breaking the cycles of injustice around the world. As of June 1, 2020, Project Break The Cycle has dispersed $3,000 of the total amount. We will be dispersing the remaining $13,650 in person within the next two months, as hyperinflation of the Lebanese currency renders international bank transfers useless. We will be providing receipts and more information when the time comes!

We are excited to be relaunching externally in the month of July! Be on the lookout for another update as to exactly what Project Break The Cycle will be doing moving forward! We’re excited to have you on the journey with us!