Lebanon Relief Fund

  • Goal: $17,500
  • Raised: $320


Rife with political conflicts, war devastation, and famine, Yemen has over 20 million of its 29 million people suffering from food insecurity (World Food Programme). According to the United Nations Association - UK, a child dies every 10 minutes from malnutrition or disease. The proxy war has worsened the dire humanitarian crisis by imposing severe restrictions on the flow of aid into Yemen. The United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported that 14.3 million people, almost 50% of the population, need some form of aid to sustain their lives.

The core principle of our mission is sustainably alleviating poverty throughout the Middle East. Our campaign aims to generate streams of income by distributing animals to impoverished families, where they can use animal produce for cooking meals and sell the surplus in local markets. This project will be facilitated through our partnership with the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation (YRRF). YRRF’s extensive network in Yemen renders it one of the few nonprofit organizations that can provide direct relief to the region. You can learn more about YRRF’s other impactful projects on their website, linked here.

Our goal is to raise $17,500 total to fund the purchase, delivery, and implementation of the required items to create three separate income generation projects. The first project will consist of purchasing 80 goats, feed, and veterinary services to be implemented in Hudaydah Governorate in Yemen. This project will be able to sustain 20 families, who will each receive 4 goats. The second and third projects will consist of purchasing 550 egg-laying chickens with feed for a total of 1100 chickens. These two projects will be implemented in two other Governorates, and are projected to support approximately 100 families who will each receive 11 chickens. On average, each family in Yemen has 6 members; thus, the total work from our three projects are expected to impact 720 people. Previous YRRF projects that leveraged goats for income generation report that no animals were sold or slaughtered within a year. Rather, each family’s flock had approximately doubled in size. In order to ensure effective use of the animals, the families are visited quarterly to monitor impact and give advice about flock raising. Please support this project by donating directly or visiting our Shop, where 100% of profits are donated to this active campaign! If our fundraising goal is exceeded, the remaining funds will fund other similar income generation projects through YRRF. The costing breakdown is listed below:

  • 80 goats: $8,000
  • 40 bags of feed: $400
  • Veterinary Services: $300
  • Purchase and distribute chickens (550): $4000
  • Chicken feed: $100
  • Purchase and distribute chickens (550): $4000
  • Chicken feed: $100
  • Administration, logistics, transportation and distribution cost: $600

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